MATH70061 - Commutative Algebra

Gaussian Primes

Lecture notes

Here are the lecture notes. They are mostly taken from the above references. I will be updating these as we go along.


There will be 5 problem sets which will be posted here biweekly.
Each problem set will constitute %2 of your final grade.
There will be N problems in each problem set, I will choose 2 random ones using the Macaulay 2 code random(N)+1 and grade those ones.
Thus, to guarantee that you get full marks you should submit solutions to all N problems.
No partial credit is given but minor mistakes will be tolerated. So, you get either %1 or %0 from each problem that is graded.
You are encouraged to work on the problem sets in groups but the final write-up should be yours.
Please submit your solutions as a PDF.


The exam constitutes %90 of your final grade.
Everything in the lecture notes is examinable.
The exam questions will be solvable with the material covered in the lecture notes.
Alternatively, if you have mastered the books listed above, you should be set for the exam.